James Direen

Me at Klyde Warren Park

Photo by Michael DeGroat

I work in the animation industry as a rigging artist, which means I spend most of my day in front of a computer creating art from scratch. What do I do in my time off? I create more art from scratch... I love what I do and it is very easy to sink myself into it. The problem is that I spend too much time in front of the computer. So I decided to pick up a camera; with it I will go out and explore the world, hunt down pretty things, and shoot them... with my camera ;)
Now With a title like Shooting Pretty Things, I feel that I have to justify myself here for a moment. I realized when registering the domain name, that it was a bit of an "edgy" choice. What would people think? "Some wacko has put up a site about shooting things, pretty things! My word, I could never go to a site like that... well maybe just a peak. OH! with a camera; that's cute." I almost didn't go through with it. Then the thought struck me, I would hate to see this URL used wrong. I decided then that I must snag it away from anyone who might do evil with it, and use it for good! You're WELCOME!